After Keto
3 years after Ketogenic Diet
Before Ketogenic Diet

Welcome to Holistic Keto Wellness. 

 I am Gina Wilkins the founder and am certified in Ketogenic/Carnivore living as well as a Supplement coach for this lifestyle.

My goal is to work to work with motivated individuals and families towards optimal health and prevent or reverse disease states.    Disease states can include diagnosis like hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disease, fatty liver, mental health concerns infertility, PCOS and many more.  It can also just be fatigue, not sleeping well, stomach concerns as well as many more.  

My profession for the last 11 years was as a Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner.  I saw so many people with chronic disease, state of chronic stress, anxiety, depression and more – most can be managed with a healthy lifestyle.  In primary care we promote this but often are not given enough time to really effect change.  My goal with this is to leave the SICK care (providing pills for all problems) behind and work on HEALTH care with lifestyle!  

I have had so much success in this and feel like a new person!  

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