I thought I would start bogging with the most obvious questions people have. We as people in the last 70 years have become increasingly dependent on processed foods. In my research I found that processing foods started in 1809 with the French for their troops, in America it started again with canned goods like Van Camp in 1861 initially for union troops with beans. The big change was noted in 1957 with TV dinners and it is of note that supermarkets also doubled from 1948 – 1958 to provide the processed foods more easily. This started our change in diet and processing has gotten more inventive – toxic – and mainstream since then. Why is this part of why we should eat low carb/keto? Well – an interesting fact to note is that Diabetes Type 2 – formerly called adult onset – started to rise exponentially in 1960- coinciding with introduction of processed foods and supermarkets providing easier access. Now we have a rise in this at epidemic levels, and sadly our children now are having this as young as 8 years old. I worked in primary care and saw the disease take so much from people! What is the direct correlation (also backed by science)? PROCESSED FOODS! They use SUGAR/CORN SYRUP, toxic seed oils and chemicals in foods not meant to be eaten as routine diet. WE need to return to eating WHOLE foods – not the grocery but foods in their original state. Meats, eggs, dairy (with limitations), vegetables and berries. This is what we used to do, and we need to return to this.

Diabetes is causing a lot of the diseases to be worse – or really INSULIN RESISTANCE – which can be present for years prior to diagnosis of diabetes. It leads to INFLAMMATION – leading to an array of diseases the list is too long to display. Eating healthy whole foods can reverse this, or at least IMPROVE your health and if no disease is present, it can PREVENT disease as well!

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