The Art of Fat Loss – Universal PSMF eBook (English, French and Spanish versions)




PSMF book by Maria Emmerich – here is what she says about this book:

The Art of Fat Loss is something we have perfected over 20 plus years of helping clients lose weight and heal their bodies. Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF) are an awesome way to improve and speed up weight loss, break stalls and get faster results. This book takes it to a whole new level with lots of information about how to do PSMF and why they work, over 65 amazing recipes including PSMF versions of favorites like hard-boiled egg pudding, bourbon chicken and more! Same great flavors but even better for fat loss results.

We also included a month of meal plans (4 weeks of 3 PSMF days each week) that include grocery lists making it super easy to include PSMF and get fast results!

This is a pdf ebook that can be viewed on any device or computer or printed out. The PDF is fully interactive with the recipe images in the meal plans linking back to the recipes, links to our favorite ingredients and more.

This book is 8 1/2″ by 11″ format and is 94 pages.


This is an E Book – if you want to print it and even have it bound you can do this easily at:  PDF’s Printed, Bound, and Shipped in One Easy Upload |

I have all my E books printed on this site.


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